EDTC 300

An Eye Opener

The topic last week looked fun at the start when we discovered Cyber Sleuthing. We laughed at our ability to find out information about people which they would have forgotten too. We felt successful after finding private information of people not known to us.

We also got to do Cyber sleuthing of our partners and I partnered with Saima Nasir in our class. I found her easily on Facebook but there was not much information I could get from there. She does not seem to be a frequent user of Facebook but still, some information was easily available. 

Anyhow I managed to figure out her siblings and looked into her sister’s home page and got the information I needed and saw her immediate family too. I realized that even if you are careful about what you post but your friends and family are not careful then they can give away your personal information if your settings are not chosen appropriately. I also thought that as she is entering the education field, she would have a LinkedIn account, but I could not find it. I think my profile on LinkedIn would be similarly bare. I realize how useful LinkedIn could be in making connections in the education field.

 The more I thought about the experience though, the scarier it became to me. This education technology class was a huge eye-opener for me in many ways. I still remember Katia saying in a class that it’s not easy to erase traces of your past in this digital world. Day by day It’s becoming apparent to me and these incidents we have been reading about like Sextortion of Amanda Todd and  Split Image stop my heartbeat. 

The huge impact of digital personality on real life is scary for me and the reality that we can not stop it now is heartbreaking. We must teach digital citizenship as a top priority wherever we have an influence on and have to do our part to save the younger generations. We also have to watch our thought process and the ways we share it on media as little carelessness can ruin your life as we saw in “One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life”  where I felt that maybe she did not mean it in that harsh way which the world took it as. Yet there is no point of return in the digital world.

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