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Using Adobe Spark for the Learning project

Using spark post to help in my project of learning the Quran was a bit ambiguous at the start as I was not 100% sure about how I wanted to use it in my project. I just loved the idea of making and sharing posters that I learned from the app, that I thought of learning it. After thinking about it for a bit. thought that why don’t I make a poster of my words for this week and print it. I decided to create a poster of the words I wanted to learn this week to make it more engaging for me to learn the vocabulary instead of just reading it out of a book or a website.

This is the poster I designed using the spark post app on my phone.

After making that poster I decided to post it on my bedroom wall. As I already shared, life is very busy in my household and I was struggling to find time to sit and learn the words. The spark poster solved my problem and I found myself multi-tasking quite a few times while folding laundry, setting my closet, and helping my son in his work. It helped me a lot and I learned my words way faster than I did last week.
I also set the poster as my wallpaper on my phone so It Was in front of me every time I picked up my phone so I quickly glanced and revised all of the words. It went well and I am so glad that I picked this app for my learning project. It will be way easier to learn words by using the sparks poster. Thank you Katia for starting this project and also asking to come out of my comfort zone and looking for some new things. It really worked !!!

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