EDTC 300 Project

New technologies – Adobe Spark

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to use a new technology resource and incorporate it into our learning project. For my new technology, I decided to use Adobe Spark. It is a multimedia app I have heard about but have never used before. After a few google searches, I quickly found that it was much easier to use and manage as an app on a phone as opposed to on the web browser. So, I decided to use it on my phone. While Adobe spark as a whole is a suite that includes apps to create videos, animations, and posters. Each of them requires a separate app on the phone. I decided to use the one for posters and downloaded Spark Post on my phone. It was quite difficult at first because I had to figure out a lot of its features which were overwhelming at first, but I slowly got the hang of it. After learning about a few features. I made a screen recording of my phone, with me explaining how adobe spark works. 

It is interesting to see how this app could be used not only for my learning projects. I can also see many uses of it within a classroom. Infographics or fact sheets can often be boring and hard to read, using this app can make them into animations that are attention-grabbing and informative. This app can also be used by students to accompany written projects, as many students do not enjoy drawing as a visual aid for projects. This could be an easy to use and fun alternative to drawing for students who choose it. I see the potential of this technology in this classroom and cannot wait to explore it more. 

We can further analyze its uses through the SAMR model.


This is when a traditional way of learning is replaced with an electronic version. Spark posts can be used to make posters, infographics, facts sheets instead of physical copies of these graphics. 


Normal ways of presenting facts and information can get boring. The Adobe suite allows different ways of presenting this information. The animations make poster more appealing to look at, the videos can be used to explain concepts more in detail and the posters app can make access to the posters more frequent as they can be printed, shared on apps, the web etc. 


The video tool and the poster tool can provide options for students. Many students don’t enjoy drawing or making posters but this makes it easier for them to make them and make them just as visually appealing even if they are not artistically inclined. 


Adobe spark can be used to create presentations and videos as assignments in class. The posters can be shared to any group or specific audience , in seconds, without any hurdle which could never be possible in the hand made posters.

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